The Absolutely Most Hilarious Product Reviews You Will Ever Read!!!

Ran across this on Facebook just had to share it! On Amazon, you can buy a sugar-free version of Gummy Bears by a company named Haribo. Now I, for one, will never consume any product that basically falls under the category of “getting something for nothing.” I’m suspicious, therefore, of things like diet soda, sugarless candy, or any product that uses “artificial sweeteners” of any sort bearing a promise of offering health benefits. (Now my mistrust of such products are born out by science, as I am sure that most of my readers will know. But if you aren’t familiar with the research, just read, for instance, this article from Science News on the pitfalls of drinking diet soda to lose weight: This is merely one of many such damning studies surrounding sugar substitutes going way back to the days when saccharine was all the rage in the late 60s and early 70s until studies showed the health threat it posed.)

Anyway, I digress… The “star of the show” for this product on Amazon is not really the sugar-free gummy bears but rather the long string of entertaining comments posted as reviews for this product.

Here below is a screen shot containing just one example of the many gloriously funny read awaiting you: (CAUTION: You may not want to read this while sipping soda or milk, at least if don’t want a sullied computer screen! Also, I bear no responsibility for the sometimes colorful language and imagery employed by some of these writers!)

Here is a direct link to the Amazon page in question where you will find that there are a lot more comments like these guaranteed to bring a smile to your face:

Hope you have a fun read!


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