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Shakespeare the Blogger

Hi everyone! Some of you might know of me (Tom Webber aka TexasTom46) through my other blogs. My main blogs include my art blog found here: and one devoted primarily to sharing my personal reflections and poems located here: If you also host a blog, perhaps you have found yourself at times wanting to post things that don’t really fit the theme of your existing blog(s). Well, that is precisely what I have experienced over and over and over again. I finally decided to create an “anything goes” blog that will satisfy my many interests. Thus I present to you my new blog “Texas Tom’s Pete & RePete” blog. This one will be distinguished not only by the fact that it lacks a coherent theme but also due to the fact that I will often be re-posting articles from other sources that I find compelling, and which I believe will be of interest to others. But I will, occasionally, add my own thoughts here and there, too. Hopefully you will find something interesting and worthwhile, if not even thought-provoking and maybe even inspiring that will make your visit worthwhile. So I welcome you, my dear friend, to come on board as a user, stay a while, and visit often. And let me know what you think!


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